English For Kids


Pingu’s English teaches English to children aged 3 – 8+ of all abilities

Pingu’s English builds on over a century of English Language Teaching experience to give parents a way to help their children learn an essential skill that can help them progress further in life.

Through our global network of franchised centers, we deliver an exceptional standard of English tuition that gives kids everything they need to use their new skill with confidence. We put engagement at the heart of the equation, using skilled teaching professionals and colorful learning resources to create a safe, secure and vibrant learning environment.

Enroll your child with Pingu’s English and open their eyes to a whole new world of communication, business and entertainment.

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Learn English with Pingu

Pingu is the perfect companion to help children learn English. Through the award-winning adventures of this little Antarctic adventurer, children are given the skills they need to use English in real-world settings.

Invest in success

By becoming an exclusive Pingu’s English franchise partner, you have the opportunity to shape the course to suit your country’s specific market, and to make a real, lasting difference to children’s lives. International English Language Teaching is a rewarding and lucrative industry that equips children with the confidence and ability to communicate using the international language of business, culture and communications.

A reputation for excellence

The Pingu’s English course and supporting materials have been developed alongside parent company The Linguaphone Group. With over a century of experience as a global leader for English Language Teaching, our affiliation is a seal of approval for quality and educational technique.





The Pingu’s English Tots program has been developed to introduce children aged 18 – 36 months to the English language. Based on Level 1 of the Pre-school syllabus, the Tots program prepares younger children for the next level of Pingu’s English, as well as wider full-time education.

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The Pingu’s English Pre-school program is the next level up from Tots. Designed for kids aged 3 – 8+, this course uses proven play-based techniques to help children learn the English language, and give them the confidence to use their valuable new skill in everyday life.

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We’re take great pride in announcing the Pingu’s English Kindergarten program as the latest addition to our English Language Teaching range in 2017 in collaboration with Kingston University.

The first of its kind

The first in the world to combine over a century of language teaching experience with a globally recognized TV character and brand, the program’s unique international curriculum has been developed in collaboration with Kingston University’s renowned School of Education.

Pingu’s English is leading the way in the burgeoning International Kindergarten market, combining an immediately recognizable brand with advanced teaching to create an irresistible combination for parents and investors alike. We look forward to bringing this exciting opportunity to our partners from 2017, and to helping children around the world to get the head-start in education that they deserve.

The Kindergarten curriculum

The Pingu’s English Kindergarten curriculum – consistent with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYSF) – provides rigorously planned and clearly defined educational guidelines that enable early years’ language students to gain the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to use English with confidence. 

Kingston University School of Education

Kingston University’s School of Education has been ranked as the top teacher-training provider in London, and among the top six in the UK. It’s listed in the globally recognized Times Higher Education supplement as one of the top 150 young universities in the world.

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Want to know more how your child can learn English?

    Discover a multi-billion dollar business

    with the award winning Pingu TV character


    The value of English Language Teaching is $50 billion and growing

    Children represent 60% of the English Language Teaching market

    2 billion people are projected to speak English within 10-15 years

    Only 375 million people are native English speakers, with the remainder needing language training

    The best age to learn a second language is from 0 - 8 years old

    1.5 billion people speak some level of English internationally

    English is an official language in 94 countries and non - sovereign states


    Our students are very enthusiastic in studying at Pingu’s English. They always tell us how much fun and how much they learn here. Parents also keep saying how proud they are with the knowledge and improvements their children are making.

    Willian Veloso Rocha

    Pingu’s English Franchisee in State of São Paulo

    I have being running my own school for 15 years. When I met Pingu’s English, it was love at first sight. Now I am offering the best English Course avaiable to my students and they are loving it as well as their parents. Thank you Pingu’s English!

    Giedre Paula

    Pingu’s English Franchisee in State of Mato Grosso do Sul

    Pingu’s English School is not just a school; it is as a second home for my kid. I like it when I see my kid growing and learning in a friendly and safe atmosphere. Most of all, I can see a lot of improvement in his English listening and speaking skills

    Piyatida Tudteam

    Student's Mother

    Regarding the teaching method they use a figurative storytelling way of starting the lesson,  trying hard to involve the child and make the them curious about the situation. Tom is very happy to go to Pingu’s English because he perceives the School as a playful moment and not just as a learning moment while at the same time he is learning a new language


    Students Mother

    I knew about Pingu’s English School through a friend. After research about the school, I decided to enroll my daughter and it was one of the best things I could do to her. She loves studying at Pingu’s English and she cannot wait to the day of the class. I also love Pingu's English School, because there she learns by playing and I can see her progress day by day.

    Léia Rodrigues

    Students mother

    Abbas always tells me that Pingu's English is the most fun he has all day. I am very glad that this place makes him feel that way and noticeably develop his language skills too


    Students Father